The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde / The Wildling Sisters

To clear any confusion, when I was first sent this book it was named The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde and has since gone through a name change so I have posted both covers and both names for those of you who know the novel by each name!

I would like to thank Penguin UK – Michael Joseph and for the chance to read an early release of this novel to review for my blog.

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde is told in two timelines. Each chapter alternates between the present day and Summer, 1959 – five years after Audrey Wilde disappeared. In the present day, Jessie, her husband, daughter and stepdaughter move into Applecote Manor, uprooting their busy London lives for a different pace. Jessie struggles with the death of her husband’s first wife, feeling the ghost of her wherever she goes. Not only does she have to deal with this but she must deal with her rebellious stepdaughter, who creates all kinds of issues.

Meanwhile, in 1959, the four Wildling sisters have been uprooted from London to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle at Applecote Manor, where their cousin disappeared. Soon, dark secrets begin to unwind in the hazy summer days, families are tested and there are twists at every turn.

What happened to Audrey Wilde? What is everyone slowly uncovering? What secrets does everyone carry?

This book is AMAZING. 

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde serves as a mystery, thriller, romance, and historical novel all in one. There are twists at every corner and just when you think everything has been revealed, a new twist occurs. It keeps you on edge and unable to stop reading. My heart was in my mouth all the way through and Chase perfectly ends the chapters so that you MUST keep reading or you will burst with anticipation. The storyline is fantastic. It is thrilling and engaging, and whilst the idea of a missing child in these times has been used before, Chase writes the story in such away that it stands out from anything you would have ever read.

Not only is the plot engaging and outstanding but the writing style is truly beautiful. The book has a stunning flow to it and you almost feel as if you are a fifth Wildling sister in the stifling summer of ’59. The writing brings a Gothic feel about the book and brings the timelines to life. You feel exactly as the protagonists feel, sharing their shock, excitement, irritation or horror. The writing makes the book feel haunted and alive, it brings an atmosphere to you that you cannot shake.

In the first few pages, the girls drag a body through the woods and you are immediately sucked in – you MUST know what happened. This feeling is never shaken.

I am utterly stunned by this novel. I loved it so much that it is actually difficult to write this review as I could gush and gush about it but I will never do it the justice it deserves. This book has it all – drama, romance, thrills, character development, beautiful writing. It is released on August the 22nd and I highly recommend everyone to pick it up and read it – you will not be disappointed.

I gush about books often but never quite like this one. I traveled from Devon to London this week and devoured the book on my two 5 hour coach rides. I was absolutely absorbed in Eve Chase’s writing. I have put this book in the top 5 of the year for me and have even gone out and bought Eve Chase’s first novel – Black Rabbit Hall. 

I give it five stars and would give it more if possible.




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